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Bond market is a financial market where debt securities are issued and traded. The issuers sell bonds or other debt instruments in the bond market to fund the operations of their organizations.

Types of Bonds?

  • Government Bonds are considered to be the safest investment, considering that the Government can print money and repay the borrowers, any time it deems fit
  • Corporate Bonds are bonds issued by companies and corporates of different sizes and standing. Corporate Bonds are issued by companies to meet their capital needs.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued by the Government of India and are a great alternative to buying physical gold. The investor gets an opportunity to increase his wealth by investing in these bonds and at the same time receives interest on the amount invested
  • Convertible Bonds are bonds that allow the conversion of the bond amount into equity, on pre-determined terms.
  • Perpetual Bonds are bonds which go on for as long as the issuer is a going concern. In practice, though, these bonds have a call option, which enables the issuer to redeem the bond at the call date.

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    Bonds’ fixed income market can provide investors returns as high as 9 – 10% per annum or more. Investments in Bonds and Debentures are more rewarding and reliable mode of growing your money than the existing options of FD. Moreover, you get the additional benefits of minimum to low risk (for AAA to A Bonds), capital growth, earning a regular income, tax-free income, and tax-saving options available in this investment segment.

    You can purchase the listed bond through your trading account. For new Bond/NCD series you can contact us for purchase.

    There are a couple of risks involved.

    Default risk: Loss in case the issuer defaults

    Liquidity risk: This loss may arise when an investor wants to sell bonds before maturity. This loss is incurred by the investor when he/she finds no buyer for their bonds and hence sells them at a discount.

    Interest-rate Risk: If interest rates increase, the price of the Bond decreases. At this time, the investor wants to sell the bonds he/she has to sell at a discount price. However, the flip side is that, if the interest rates in the economy decrease, bonds’ selling price will increase. At such a time, an investor can make capital gains by selling his bonds at a premium to his buy price.

    Bonds are 100% tradable securities. This means that there is no lock-in on your bond investment. If you want to sell them before maturity, you can do so in the secondary market at market price

    You can start investing in bonds for as low as Rs. 10,000.

    TDS will not be deducted on interest received from listed bonds and debentures.

    For interest earned from Taxable Bonds, the earnings are taxable. For interests earned from Tax-Free Bonds, the earnings are 100% tax-free. Also, capital gains earned from selling any Bond (taxable and tax-free) before maturity are subject to capital gains taxation rules.

    54EC Bonds are Capital Gain Tax Exemption Bonds that provide 100% tax exemption on the long term capital gain earned by selling any property. These bonds are the best options to save tax after the property sale. But conditions apply, such as the time gap between property sale and bond investment cannot exceed six months. Also, the investment limit in 54EC Bonds is 50 lakhs.

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